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Licensed Cannabis Packaging FACILITY

Cannabis Co-Pack has been contracted to provide preroll and dry flower white label cannabis co-packing services at Safari Flower Co., a facility licensed by Health Canada for the processing and cultivation of cannabis.


Safari Flower Co. is a new wave cultivation boutique located on the estates of Safari Niagara, that focuses on rare cultivars and tailored flower. Their flower is enjoyed by the discerning consumer with great expectations. 

The 59,000 sf purpose-built, box-in-box design, indoor facility features Canada’s first tri-generation system which supplies energy in the form of electricity, heat, and chilled water from a single fuel source. The facility’s high efficiency design reduces up to 66% relative greenhouse gas emissions while the 10 micro-class flowering rooms recover 85% of water usage.

Cannabis Co-Pack recently announced it's expanding with the launch of the CCP Centre for Co-Packing Excellence, a 20,000 sf co-packing facility with nearly 60,000 cubic ft of secure storage, housed at the former 48North: Good House, strategically located in close proximity to the OCS distribution centre.

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